The social research project for technology in city life

How do people in a smart city engage with smart technologies? And what difference does the smart city make?

SCiM-MK is a social science research project which seeks to answer these questions by examining Milton Keynes as a smart city ‘in the making’. Focussing on the citizens, governance, workplaces, data and visualisations of smart, SCiM-MK will look at the social effects of smart city technologies. In particular, SCiM-MK will find out how social difference affects participation in smart, and whether smart creates new forms of social difference.

A better understanding of how people in a smart city actually engage with smart technologies is needed in order to maximise the gains that those technologies offer. The project’s findings will be of local and international significance, helping to ensure accessibility and engagement in smart city Milton Keynes and learning lessons to be disseminated to cities across the UK and worldwide.